McDonald Family

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Nate & Evette?McDonald

Area: Ester
Occupation: Nate: Air Traffic Controller, Evette: Stay at home mom/ photographer

What was home selling experience like? Very sudden, we weren’t planning on purchasing a home this summer however, we found the house and fell in love.
Top Bucket list item: Nate: Road Trip across US, Evette: go back to visit Albania.
Organization I love: All dog adoption places.
Best advice received: “if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.”?
Why did you choose Gold Standard? Evelyn from Gold Standard was the original Realtor selling the house, we met her once and decided to stick with her!
What surprised you most (about the house)??All the crazy details that go into buying a house.
Childhood ambition? Nate:To be a road truck driver, Evette: veterinarian.
Favorite hidden gem (about the house) ? The yard, we’ve cleaned it up and it’s absolutely beautiful now, we love waking up and eating breakfast out on the deck in the mornings.
Biggest Challenge?(about the house): The timing, we had a deadline of when we had to be out of our rental and came within a day of that with closing on our new house.?
First Job: Evette: working in a snow shack, Nate: working at a dog kennel.
Favorite movie: Evette: Bridesmaids, Nate: Blazing Saddles.
Favorite room: I love the family room cause it’s where we spend most of our family time, I also love the little spot on the top level that looks over the family room, I frequently find tender moments happening between my husband and son, cuddling or wrestling. ?
What do we love about the neighborhood: all the trees! the drive to our house is absolutely gorgeous.
How did we discover the area? Ester park has always been a favorite of our son’s and it made us fall in love with the area.
How was it working with Evelyn??She was great, very informative and helped us in reaching all the needed deadlines.
Proudest accomplishment? Our family
Who inspires you? Stories of average people making a difference.

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