“If you desire to be free from the financial bondage of your home, we highly recommend choosing Evelyn Arnott as your realtor. Evelyn Arnott guided us through what she felt was the most probable course of action, and with God’s confirmation – we moved forward. In the end – the buyers of the home, and us – the sellers – were both blessed.?Evelyn has an honest and direct approach. Most importantly, she communicated with us without us waiting for?days for her to return our calls (as we had experienced with other realtors). This was very important since our home was in Alaska and we were in New York. This was our 3rd attempt to sell the home in an upside down market. She has a professional working relationship with other realtors in the area, and she overflows with knowledge of the?market and integrity. In addition to selling homes, we highly recommend her to all of our civilian and military friends entering the buyers market.”