“Helped me buy a home Let’s just be honest here: there are a LOT of things that can go wrong when buying a home. And there are a LOT of bad real estate brokers out there (I know, I found at least 3 before I found Evelyn) but Evelyn stands above the rest- both literally and figuratively.:) I’m a worry-ridden kind of gal and Evelyn was always willing to answer even the silliest of questions without belittling me while providing accurate and timely information. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her. She fought for us at the closing table and made sure we got what we deserved- even when we didn’t know we needed her to do so. She wasn’t afraid to tell us the absolute truth nor did she rush us through. I really felt like she had our best interests at heart- a trait not often found in any financial market. This gal rocks'”